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Additive Manufacturing & Eco Sustainable Solution intro

Additive Manufacturing & Eco Sustainable Solution intro .

Additive Manufacturing (AM) materials aim to minimise the supply chain in the industry through autonomous production of components directly from digital models without human intervention and complicated formworks and has been one of the developing advanced technologies as one of the most highlighted key enabling technologies has the potential to create disruptive solutions, the key for its successful implementation is multidisciplinary effort in synergy involving materials science, architecture/design, computation, and robotics. Additive and sustainability connect because many recent articles we have posted make this link. Additive manufacturing enables eco-sustainable products, it provides for product life cycle solution to reduce waste and scrap and allow recycling for resource efficient material choice. Sustainability and Additive go together. Many are reconsidering manufacturing because of vulnerabilities made apparent this year. For simpler supply chains and more scalable and resilient production, AM is an answer. And, as our coverage continues to illustrate, AM is the manufacturing method that can bring sustainability along with it, if this is a value, we seek to make real.
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