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Integrated Material & Processes (IMP)

1.Publication Year 2020

Ansari, M.S., Othman, M.H.D., Ansari, M.O., (...), Abdullah, H., Harun, Z. Magnetite thin films grown on different flexible polymer substrates at room temperature: Role of antiphase boundaries in electrical and magnetic properties - Journal of Alloys and CompoundsVolume 846 Article number 156368 (Document type Article Source type Journal ISSN 09258388 DOI 10.1016/j.jallcom.2020.156368)

Azhar, F.H., Harun, Z., Yusof, K.N., (...), Hashim, N., Sazali, E.S. A study of different concentrations of bio-silver nanoparticles in polysulfone mixed matrix membranes in water separation performance - Journal of Water Process EngineeringVolume 38 Article number 101575 (Document type Article Source type Journal ISSN 22147144 DOI 10.1016/j.jwpe.2020.101575)

Rosman, N., Salleh, W.N.W., Mohamed, M.A., (...), Ismail, A.F., Aziz, F. Constructing a compact heterojunction structure of Ag2CO3/Ag2O in-situ intermediate phase transformation decorated on ZnO with superior photocatalytic degradation of ibuprofen - Separation and Purification TechnologyVolume 251 Article number 117391  (Document type Article Source type Journal
ISSN 13835866 DOI 10.1016/j.seppur.2020.117391)

Ab Rahman, M., Othman, M.H.D., Fansuri, H., (...), Ismail, A.F., Osman, N. Development of high-performance anode/electrolyte/cathode micro-tubular solid oxide fuel cell via phase inversion-based co-extrusion/co-sintering technique  - Journal of Power SourcesVolume 467 Article number 228345 (Document type Article Source type Journal ISSN 03787753 DOI 10.1016/j.jpowsour.2020.228345)

Alias, S.S., Harun, Z., Manoh, N., Jamalludin, M.R. Effects of temperature on rice husk silica ash additive for fouling mitigation by polysulfone–RHS ash mixed-matrix composite membranes - Polymer BulletinVolume 77, Issue 8, Pages 4043 - 4075 (Document type Article Source type Journal ISSN 01700839 DOI 10.1007/s00289-019-02950-5)

Alias, S.S., Harun, Z., Abu Mansor, S. Characterization and performance of rice husk as additive in green ceramic water filter fabricated by slip-casting        - World Journal of EngineeringVolume 17, Issue 4, Pages 553 - 562 (Document type Article Source type Journal ISSN 17085284 DOI 10.1108/WJE-09-2019-0274)

Azhar, F.H., Harun, Z., Alias, S.S., (...), Ahmad, A., Othman, M.H.D. Self-Cleaning Antifouling Performance Based on the Surface Area of Flower-Like TiO2 as Additive for PSf Mixed Matrix Membrane        - Macromolecular ResearchVolume 28, Issue 6, Pages 625 - 635 (Document type Article Source type Journal ISSN 15985032 DOI 10.1007/s13233-020-8082-4)

Desa, A.L., Dahlan, D., Misdan, N., (...), Harun, Z., Yusof, N. A comparative study of direct ultrafiltration process and membrane photocatalytic reactor system for textile wastewater treatment         - Research Journal of Chemistry and EnvironmentVolume 24, Issue 5, Pages 22 - 30 (Document type Article Source type Journal ISSN 09720626)

Alias, S.S., Harun, Z., Azhar, F.H., Ibrahim, S.A., Johar, B. Comparison between commercial and synthesised nano flower-like rutile TiO2 immobilised on green super adsorbent towards dye wastewater treatment - Journal of Cleaner ProductionVolume 251Article number 119448 (Document type Article Source type Journal ISSN 09596526 DOI 10.1016/j.jclepro.2019.119448)

Sazali, N., Salleh, W.N.W., Ismail, N.H., (...), Othman, M.H.D., Harun, Z. ADVANCED in CARBON MEMBRANE by RELATING to COATING-CARBONIZATION-CYCLES for OXYGEN PERFORMANCE - IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and EngineeringOpen AccessVolume 736, Article number 022008 (Document type Conference Paper Source type Conference Proceedings ISSN 17578981 DOI 10.1088/1757-899X/736/2/022008)

Sazali N.a,Harun Z.a,Sazali N.b A review on batch and column adsorption of various adsorbent towards the removal of heavy metal - Journal of Advanced Research in Fluid Mechanics and Thermal SciencesVolume 67, Issue 2, Pages 66 - 88
 (Document type Article Source type Journal ISSN 22897879)

Kamarudin N.H.a, b,Harun Z.a, b,Othman M.H.D.c,Abdullahi T.a, b,Syamsul Bahri S.a, b,Kamarudin N.H.a, b,Yunos M.Z.a, b,Wan Salleh W.N.c Waste environmental sources of metakaolin and corn cob ash for preparation and characterisation of green ceramic hollow fibre membrane (h-MCa) for oil-water separation - Ceramics International Volume 46, Issue 2, Pages 1512 - 1525 (Document type Article Source type Journal ISSN 02728842 DOI 10.1016/j.ceramint.2019.09.118) 

Hussin R.a, c,Zulkiflee N.S.b,Kamdi Z.b,Ainuddin A.R.b,Harun Z.b, c,Mohamed Hatta M.N.b Photocatalytic activity of bilayer tio2/zno and zno tio2 thin films - Materials Science ForumVolume 1010 MSF, Pages 411 - 417  (Document type Conference Paper Source type Book Series ISSN 02555476 ISBN 978-303571582-8 DOI 10.4028/

The effect of holmium on microstructure and mechanical properties of light metal alloy Ahmad R.a,Rashid M.H.S.a,Hasan S.a,Harun Z.a,Yusof M.S.a,Hassan S.a,Rahman M.M.b  - Journal of Critical ReviewsVolume 7, Issue 8, Pages 1260 - 1263 (Document type Article Source type Journal ISSN 23945125 DOI 10.31838/jcr.07.08.259)

Rasli N.I.a,Basri H.a,Harun Z.b Zinc oxide from aloe vera extract: two-level factorial screening of biosynthesis parameters - HeliyonOpen AccessVolume 6, Issue 1 Article number e03156 (Document type Article Source type Journal ISSN  24058440 DOI

Hubadillah S.K.a,Othman M.H.D.a,Tai Z.S.a,Jamalludin M.R.b,Yusuf N.K.c,Ahmad A.d,Rahman M.A.a,Jaafar J.a,Kadir S.H.S.A.e,Harun Z.f Novel hydroxyapatite-based bio-ceramic hollow fiber membrane derived from waste cow bone for textile wastewater treatment - Chemical Engineering Journal Volume 3791  Article number 122396 (Document type Article Source type Journal ISSN 13858947 DOI 10.1016/j.cej.2019.122396)

Jamalludin M.R.a, b,Hubadillah S.K.c,Harun Z.b,Othman M.H.D.c,Yunos M.Z.b,Ismail A.F.c,Salleh W.N.W.c Facile fabrication of superhydrophobic and superoleophilic green ceramic hollow fiber membrane derived from waste sugarcane bagasse ash for oil/water separation - Arabian Journal of ChemistryOpen AccessVolume 13, Issue 1, Pages 3558 - 3570 (Document type Article Source  type Journal ISSN 18785352  DOI 10.1016/j.arabjc.2018.12.007)

2.Publication Year 2021

Hussin R.,Anuar S.Z.S.,Ibharim S.A.,Kamdi Z.,Ainuddin A.R.,Harun Z., Deposition of ZnO-Al (Azo) thin films for optical properties -  AIP Conference Proceedings
2339,020198   (Conference Proceedings,ISSN 0094243X,ISBN 978-073544091-3, DOI 10.1063/5.0044520 )

Ab Rahman M.,Othman M.H.D.,Wibisono Y.,Harun Z.,Omar A.F.,Shabri H.A.,Deraman S.,A. Rahman M.,Jaafar J.,Ismail A.F. Effect of electrolyte thickness manipulation on enhancing carbon deposition resistance of methane-fueled solid oxide fuel cell, International Journal of Energy Research 45(2), pp. 2837-2855, ISSN 0363907X, DOI 10.1002/er.598-1  

Ab Rahman M.,Othman M.H.D.,Fansuri H.,Harun Z.,Jamil S.M.,Omar A.F.,A Rahman M.,Jaafar J.,Ismail A.F. Effect of sintering temperature on perovskite-based hollow fiber as a substrate for cathode-supported micro-tubular solid oxide fuel cell, Journal of the Australian Ceramic Society 2021,  Springer, ISSN 25101560, DOI 10.1007/s41779-021-00620-2

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