Sustainable Polymer Engineering-intro

Written by P Madya Dr Mustaffa Hj Ibrahim. Posted in Research Cluster

Sustainable Polymer Engineering group integrates sustainability issues that focus on the science and technology of polymeric materials into research, education, and public outreach initiatives. Members of the center concentrate their research efforts on harnessing the renewable, functional, degradable and non-toxic ingredients provided by nature for tomorrow's advanced plastics, foams, adhesives, elastomers, coatings and other macromolecular materials. In addition to the research mission of the group, members also foster outreach activities to educate future scientists and the public about the science and technology of sustainability.


Area of interest :

- Bio-Technology
- Synthesis of Renewable Polymer
- Sustainable Engineering: Eco-SMART Monomer Reactor
- Renewable Energy: Solar Energy and Bio-diesel Continuous Plant

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