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Integrated Materials & process unit was established with the purpose to support the inter-disciplinary of the advanced research areas/clusters leading by the AMMC. With expertise in materials science, chemistry, physics, and mechanical engineering, our group studies the synthesis, properties, and integration of advanced materials and their application in various engineering applications. A current emphasis is more on membrane separation process for water and gas applications starting with thermodynamic and kinetic of phase inversion, effects of processing parameters, formulations and additives towards membrane performance.  Other research areas include advanced engineering materials i.e composite and sandwich structure, thin film and coating, , implant, synthesize and processing of nanoscale materials, simulation and modeling on porous structure (FEA) and Design of Experiment (DOE). A strong emphasis is placed on the hetero-integration of multi-composition,multi-structure and multi-function especially at nanoscale, and by doing so, creating a new generation of integrated advanced systems with unprecedented performance or unique functions to break the boundaries of traditional technologies. Most of the research activity here also is strongly support with a good lab facilities i.e: preparation, processing and characterizatio with an expert academician/postgraduate student from varies background.



 Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Research Center (AMMC)

 Institute for Integrated Engineering (IIE)

Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia,

86400 Parit  Raja, Batu Pahat, Johor Darul Takzim,  Malaysia.

 Telephone: 07-4537744 :Fax: 07-4537608

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