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Head of Center / Principal Researcher - Sustainable Polymer Engineering

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anika Zafiah Bte Mohd Rus

Dr Anika

Areas of expertise      

     - Mechanical Engineering Design 

     - Biotechnology

     - Polymer Engineering

Principal Researcher - Sustainable Manufacturing & Recycle Technology

Prof. Dr. Mohd. Amri Bin Lajis

Dr Amri

Areas of expertise    

    - Conventional and Advanced Machining (HSM, EDM)

    - Waste Management and Recycling

    - Modelling and Optimization (Taguchi Method, RSM)

   - Sustainable Manufacturing (Life Cycle Assesment – LCA)

Principal Researcher - Integrated Materials & Process

Prof. Dr. Zawati Bte Harun


Dr Zawati

Areas of expertise,

- Porous Material esp. 

- Ceramic, Membrane (polymer and ceramic), 

- Firing and Drying Both Experimental and Modeling, 

- Reinforced Composite (theoretical modelingand advanced materials)

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Principal Researcher - Rapid Manufacturing & Product Development (RMPD)

Prof. Dr. Md Saidin Wahab

Dr Saidin

Areas of expertise,

   - Modern machining

   - Rapid prototyping

   - Laser based manufacturing

   - Rapid tooling

Link :

Principal Researcher - Digital manufacturing technology lab

Affiliate Researchers at AMMC

Prof. Dr. Erween Abd Rahim


Areas of expertise,

     - machining process

       - laser cutting

       - sustainable manufacturing

       - metal working fluid

Link :

Dr. Nur Azam Badarulzaman


Areas of expertise,

   - Ceramics,

   - Electroplating,

   - Porous Materials,

   - Composites

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Technical Assistance at AMMC

Senior Assistant Engineer

1. Mr An'amur Rahman Bin Yunos

2. Mr Mokhtar Bin A. Hamid

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